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Teach What Isn’t Taught

Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding.
Proverbs 4:7



Sow a Seed

Dr. Paul Crites

  • Spoke publicly for the first time in 1978 and became a published author and popular speaker on wisdom, understanding and knowledge.
  • Empowered over two million people from many nations through personal appearances, audio and video life training programs.
  • Author of ten celebrated books, including the best sellers:  Discovering the Power of Purpose and Money Matters.
  • Recognized for his international service while serving at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington, D.C., for his work with the nation of South Africa by then Ambassador Dr. Piet Koornhof during that nation’s critical transition of power
  • Traveled to Israel and the Middle East as a part of a delegation of American Leaders for Middle East Peace.
  • Listed in Who’s Who in Leadership.
  • Founder and Chancellor of New Covenant University.
  • Happily married to Dr. Angel Crites, they have six children and two grands.
  • His dog is named, Elvis

 “Dr. Paul Crites’ message to my
team on the key principles of knowledge,
positive people, mentorship and focus
was invaluable. He not only speaks on
inspiration but is truly inspiring.
A home run to have him for your team.”

Dave Ramsey
New York Times Best Selling Author
and Syndicated Radio Host

22 hours ago
“A Daily routine takes care of lots of decisions.” https://t.co/xGTIY9HaCU DrPaulCrites photo
22 hours ago
Three People You Can Not Help
1. Anyone who believes you are the problem
2. Anyone who does not respect you.
3. Anyone who does not want to be helped. https://t.co/VSTwOxWged
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