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Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding.
Proverbs 4:7

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  • Delivered his first public message at age 20 in 1978.
  • Graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and Logos Graduate School in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Embraced his assignment to empower and mentor over two million people from over forty nations through personal appearances and video training programs.
  • Author of many celebrated books and training resources.
  • Founder of Destiny Christian College in 1987, now New Covenant University with thousands of graduates serving throughout the world.
  • Recognized for his international service for his work with the nation of South Africa by then Ambassador Dr. Piet Koornhof during the nation’s critical transition of power.
  • Established Purpose International in 1998, a 501-c-3 ministry organization to train leaders and assist in humanitarian outreach.
  • Ordained as a Bishop by The College of Bishops in 2003, he provides covering and care for ministers in the USA and internationally.
  • Traveled and served as a part of a delegation of American Leaders for Middle East Peace.
  • Founder and pastor of My Wisdom Center in St. Augustine, Florida.
  • Happily married to Dr. Angel Crites, they have six children and three grands.
  • His dog is named, Elvis.

 “Dr. Paul Crites’ message to my
team on the key principles of knowledge,
positive people, mentorship and focus
was invaluable. He not only speaks on
inspiration but is truly inspiring.
A home run to have him for your team.”

Dave Ramsey
New York Times Best Selling Author
and Syndicated Radio Host

23 hours ago
St. Augustine, Florida.
Sunday, Aug. 19 - 10:30am. “The One Key You Need”
Come & experience a Now Word for your life.
This is a New Season in God.
Are you ready for a change?
Meeting Location:
Holiday Inn Express
2300 SR 16 St. Augustine, FL
Dr. Paul & Angel Crites

Dr. Crites with his Spiritual Father, Dr. Mike Murdock