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  1. Hello Dr. Crites!! I saw you on the Dove Channel with Perry Atkinson, and I just first want to tell you how glad I am you are doing so well from your bypass surgery!!! God bless you and your family!! I really want to buy your book called Seasons and Sons!! Where can I buy it and how much is the cost? Thank you so much for this book. It sounds life-changing to me and I am married to a 61-year-old Christian man who was adopted. I heard what you said and I also want to say that my son, Mark could use this for his two sons and share with his beautiful wife as well!! I am a proud wife, Grandma, and Mom in Christ Jesus and just loved the show which I am watching again right now for the second time. I agree with pacing ourselves every day!!! You are needed here and God Bless you and thank you so much!! Julie Asberry

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