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His insights, inspirational words, wisdom, knowledge and understanding have kept bestselling author and speaker, Dr. Paul Crites in demand throughout the USA and around the world.


He has empowered and mentored over two million people through his presentations, social media productions, audio and video life training programs. His lectures and books, including his two Best Sellers: Discovering the Power of Purpose and Money Matters have impacted people from all walks of life.

Dr. Crites has been recognized for his international service while serving at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington, D.C., by the nation of South Africa and Ambassador Dr. Piet Koornhof during that nation’s critical transition of power.

On two occasions, Dr. Crites traveled to Israel and the Middle East as a part of a delegation of American Leaders for Middle East Peace where he received the Certificate of Recognition: Friend of Israel, from Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.

While residing in Pinellas County Florida, Dr. Crites served as president of the Community Council of East Lake, Florida, where he was presented the Outstanding Citizenship Award. Dr. Crites also received the prestigious President’s Award from the Upper Pinellas Youth Sports Association of Pinellas County, Florida.

New Covenant University was founded in 1987 by Dr. Paul Crites. The university offers traditional on-campus programs as well as distance education. The four colleges of Education, Leadership, Theology and Ministry offer degree programs from Associate through Doctorate. Dr. Crites serves as the university Chancellor.

Deeply guided by his Christian faith and a desire to strengthen others, Dr. Crites founded Purpose International, a 501-c-3 not for profit organization. For three decades, he has traveled and trained leaders, assisted nations in times of natural disasters and led a humanitarian outreach to assist prolife pregnancy centers and sponsor food, clothing and education for children throughout the world in partnership with Compassion International.

Dr. Crites and his lovely, wife, Dr. Angel LeAnne Crites have six children, two granddaughters and a dog named, Elvis. They make their home in Florida, USA.


Dr. Paul and Dr. Angel Crites
Dr. Paul and Dr. Angel Crites

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